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      Engineered Products and Solutions


      We develop and manufacture high performance, engineered products and solutions for the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, commercial transportation and oil and gas markets. EP&S offers unique, comprehensive capabilities, from advanced alloy development to advanced manufacturing and qualification expertise.

      Our global footprint of manufacturing and R&D facilities are strategically located adjacent to customer clusters and in low-cost regions. Our three business units are built on market leadership in aero engine and industrial gas turbine components, aero structures, and high-tech fastening systems.

      Arconic Engines

      Arconic Engines

      We are a world-class producer of aero engine and industrial gas turbine components, including airfoils, rings, disks and forgings. We excel in vacuum melted superalloys, machining, performance coatings and hot isostatic pressing for high performance parts that enable the next-generation of quieter, more fuel-efficient aero engines and cleaner power generation.

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      Arconic Engineered Structures

      Arconic Engineered Structures

      We are a world-class producer of titanium aero ingots and mill products—and a leader in highly-engineered, multi-material structures for aircraft. We combine metallurgical expertise in titanium and aluminum with vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities—including casting, forging, extruding, hot forming and machining—to produce innovative products for the aerospace, defense and oil and gas markets.

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      Arconic Fastening Systems

      Arconic Fastening Systems

      We hold the number one global position in aerospace fastening systems, and we’re the North American leader in commercial transportation fasteners. Our high-tech, multi-material fastening systems are found nose to tail on aircraft and aero engines. Our products are also critical components of industrial gas turbines, automobiles, commercial transportation vehicles, and construction and industrial equipment.

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